Reacting Fast
Is The Key of
Our Success


Quality and

‘’ Faster, Eco-Friendly,
Innovative Vision To Perfection ‘’

We are dedicated to maintain a high level of responsibility, integrity and honesty for our relations and processes. Our priority is satisfy the expectations of our clients by providing consistently the highest possible quality products on time with competitive price levels.

Business Plan

We work most efficiently with our solid and long-lasting business plan.

Quality Material

We produce very beautiful products for you with our quality fabrics.

Successful Team

We serve you better with our good team with team spirit.

INNOVATION is a state of mind.

We are aware of our social resposibilities to protect our environment for future generations.
To achieve this, we implement tight supply chain management in compliance with social, environmental and quality requirements.
We pride ourselves in our high standard work ethics.

Who Are We ?

CETSA GROUP is one of the best multi-product manufacturing group with a total turnover of € 28 M in 2017. Our total yearly production capacities is 8.5 M units in our wholly owned facilities together with our investment partnerships in Turkey.

Since 1994, our core principles are guiding us to serve our clients with prompt, accurate, environmental and ethical solutions by comprehending customer demands and satisfaction as our main priority.

Our dynamic team is committed to maintain our highest service quality, competitive pricing and reliable deliveries with constant attention to social compliance procedures and eco-conscious sourcing.


It is important to us for your opinions and opinions.